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We are pleased to announce that PENNSYLVANIA CENTRE FOR DERMATOLOGY is now a division of

Acne Clinic

The Clear Clinic at Pennsylvania Centre for Dermatology is a specialized division of our practice that is dedicated to treating patients with acne and acne scarring.  The mission of the Clear Clinic is to provide proper skincare education and develop high quality, patient-centered, effective, and multifaceted treatment plans to fit our patient’s needs. 

The Clear Clinic is lead by board certified dermatologist Dr. Glen Crawford and physician assistant Christina Ponzio. Their passion towards acne helped drive the development of the Clear Clinic. 

Christina suffered with acne from her teen years into her 20s and beyond. She has struggled with many of the same issues that plague her patients on a daily basis: misdirection about how acne is formed and what influences the development of acne, overuse of products, manipulation of skin, impatience with the treatment process, and embarrassment over active acne lesions and residual marks and scars. Christina sees the importance of being able to connect to her patients and develop a trusting relationship in order to effectively treat her patients. She prides herself on providing undivided attention to her patient’s and their needs and takes her time to teach her patients about acne and develop treatment plans for them.  

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